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A working-class industrial town since the early 19th century, Tourcoing is best known for the economic boom it experienced 200 years ago thanks to the textile industry. Known as the "City of Broutteux", Tourcoing is now a town worth discovering on your travels through the Hauts-de-France region.


Situated close to Roubaix, Lille and the Belgian border, Tourcoing boasts a number of historic and cultural sites that are not to be missed: the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tourcoing, the Musée du Carillon, the Maison Folie Hospice d'Havré, the Musée du 5 juin 1945, the Botanical Gardens and the historic and cultural centre of Lille.

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of Fine Arts

The town's cultural flagship, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tourcoing, is housed in a magnificent building dating from the 19th The museum is housed in a private mansion dating back to the 19th century, giving it a great deal of charm. Created in 1860, you can admire many contemporary works here.

MUba © F Kleinefenn
Hospice dHavre © Cesar Desoye scaled

/ Maison Folie
Hospice d'Havré

Historically a hospice, convent and college, the Maison Folie Hospice d'Havré was once a place of hospitality. Today it is a legendary cultural centre in Tourcoing, hosting a wide range of events including concerts, exhibitions, shows and workshops.

/ Museum
of 5 June 1944

After invading northern France in 1940, the German army took possession of a bunker in Tourcoing as its headquarters. It was from this HQ that they captured the "Verlaine Message" that gave the museum its name. This message marked a turning point in the Second World War.

Museum of 5 June 1944 © César Desoye
Botanical garden © César Desoye

/ the Garden

Created in 1917 on Emile Leplat's land, the Tourcoing botanical garden is now home to a wide variety of plants. A horticultural museum, a formal garden, an English garden and 1,200m2 of educational greenhouses bring this magnificent botanical garden to life, providing a veritable sanctuary for all these plants.


Lille's historic centre is a must-see for any trip to Northern France. Its typical narrow streets offer a great way to discover the charms of the old town. Baroque architecture, colourful facades and a mix of stone and brick are the main features that will charm you as you stroll through old Lille.

Lille, France - July 1, 2017 : A view on the Béffroi building and the Theatre place during a sunny day